Backpacking Hacks for Trekkers

Trips to the hills are amazing, aren’t they? Especially trekking. Tougher the trail, better is the experience. The best part about any hiking experience is the view that you get while trailing or at the end of the trek. It’s only then you realize what all the pain and pangs were for. If you haven’t done a trek yet, trust us, go out on a small one and give it a shot. I’ll be an experience of a lifetime. But make sure you pack your backpacks the right way. You are not going on a business trip, neither are you packing for the hostel so you gotta be packing it scientifically and artistically to make the most of the space available. 

Let’s learn to do it the right way:

Always Checklist Ready: 

Always make a checklist before you start packing your bags. It might sound least important to you but no, it’s not. In case you forget to carry a smallest item as a match box, you might end up starving the whole night in the jungle.

Refer the checklists available online or prepare one yourself along with your friends. 

Essentials mean essentials only:

You might forget sometimes that you are going on a trek and not a leisure trip to some 5 Star resort. So you have to carry as less material as possible. You can’t be carrying 3 different jackets for 3 different days, or pairs of heavy jeans, remember you’ll have to carry everything on your back to the top on your own. The simple hack to pack smartly is - only focus on necessities i.e. food, shelter and clothes.Do not pack for ‘what if’ situations and keep only those that you’ll be needing to survive.  

Keep it light!

Avoid anything heavy or always go for lighter alternatives of everything if possible. For a 2-3 day long trip your bag shouldn't weigh more than 8-10 kg including your tent, sleeping bag, clothes, stove and everything essential. Invest in lighter fabrics, lighter sleeping bags and everything light in weight. It might cost a little more but it’s worth every penny.

How to pack:

Leave no room for air space when packing. Pack heavy and bigger stuff like jackets and sweaters first and make use of the tiniest of remaining space available to squeeze in small stuff. Ranger Roller method is the right way to do it. Your need to roll all the clothes and make a footlong hot dog out of them and stuff in the bag. 

What Goes Where:


Sleeping bag and Tent goes in first at the bottom. They are voluminous and lighter comparatively hence, they are perfect for the base layer of the packing.



All the heavy Jackets and other clothes go in the middle layer. The mid section must always have the heavier stuff. Stove and food material will also go here and the remaining space is occupied by the rolled stuff like t-shirts, trousers, etc. 


All the essentials and light items like torch, snacks, first aid, etc come on top so that when an emergency comes you are not unpacking till the bottom to create a mess in the middle of the trek. Also, keep a covering like a shawl or poncho at an accessible position. 

Keep water bottles, yoga mat, raincoats on the exteriors so that they are handy when required. Migear trekking bags are built to ease your trailing experience with good space and sections for different necessities. 

These are some of the easy breezy backpacking hacks for the trekkers. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us sporting Migear Backpacks in the hills. 

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